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No matter what, the main thing is the two wheels!

We LOVE all bikers, we don't care how much suspension travel you have or if you prefer carbon to aluminum, we don't make much of a drama about whether you are an organic- or e-biker, we are happy that you like cycling as much as we do! That's why you are exactly right with us and always welcome! You will also find all the amenities that are important for an optimal bike holiday. We are happy to give you individual tour tips (maybe we also will tell you one of our secret trails 😉). We will help you with technical problems and as a highlight we will also wash your bike laundry!

You never ride alone, with us on the mountain.

Höllen Trail

It starts right underneath the Spielberghaus, our very own, self-shoveled "Höllentrail" (the hell trail). It is perfectly located as a warm-up or cool-down run.

Workshop & Bike garage

The Spielberghaus has its own large workshop with all the tools you need. Screws, hoses, pumps, ... you name it! You can safely store your bike-baby in the video-monitored, double-locked garage.

Bike-Camps & Events at the Spielberghaus

From Ladies-Sessions to Enduro-Camps. Here you will find all the dates.


If you are looking for a real bike adventure with the option of one or the other riding technique tip, we recommend our two genuine, Bavarian, full-bearded guides Marco and Flo to you.


Here you will find the Spielberghaus-crew’s favourite tours and trails.

I am tired and I’m going for a rest...