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The Hosts and History

The Package of Family Höll

Is it in their genes or is it growing up in the mountains? What all the Hölls have in common is their love of the mountains. If it's on two wheels, two skiis or on their feet - "auffi muass i", meaning I must go up and then fast back down again. Ideal on the bike, because biking is for family Höll the most paramount.

"the Multi-Talent"

Bine about Walter: "My husband is the all-rounder at Spielberghaus. He is the kitchen chef, caretaker, waiter, mechanic, snowcat driver, bike guide, joke teller, mushroom seeker and the snow blower expert - he knows everything. If I haven’t seen him for a while, I know where to find him, most likely in the bike workshop, his place of finding strength."

"Family First"

Vali about her Mum: "Without mum nothing is happening here, she is the one who holds everything together and pulls the strings behind the scene. Without her I wouldn’t have started biking. My mum has always been and still is my training buddy. Even road biking is fun with her!"

"Lego Super hero"

Walter about Joni: "Is it so nice to have an engineer in the family - in our case an excellent Lego-engineer! He is a real sunshine, who brings us all a lot of joy and is therefore popular throughout the house among young and old. It’s good to know: Anyone who needs tutoring on superhero stories should contact our "Kasnocken" (cheese dumplings) and "Kaiserschmarren" (emperors dessert) expert Joni! "

"The Super Sister"

Joni about Vali: "Vali is the best sister in the world and not only because she is my only sister! She picks me up in the car from school, builds lego with me and helps me with my home work. The best thing is, when I am aloud to cuddle up and watch tv with her."

The Spielberghaus History

Once upon a time there was the Spielberghaus…

Did Spielberghaus find the guests itself or did the guests discover the Spielberghaus, it doesn’t really matter! The story is long. We are definitely happy for our guests, that they don't have to share the back part of our lounge with the cows, because that part of the house used to be a small barn. After the construction of the Spielberg road, the goods no longer had to be laboriously brought up from the valley by people using muscle power. And yes and no more smugglers sneaking over to Tirol.

Who wants to know more, can ask Walter in person, he is passionate about telling you all about it.

Spielberghaus Chronologically

Bachler Georg: He built the Spielberghaus. The first time the alpine guest house was hosted was in 1946/1947.

The Hölls came: and with them the success, that has been present until today. Prosperity for the future...

The first lighting: The electicity finally arrived, giving us power and lighting.

No lifts: The first sledge went down the valley to Saalbach.

For all tired feet: A PistenBully began transporting guests up to the Spielberghaus.

Children in power: Walter Höll took over his parents guest house business.

The second lighting: The toboggan run was lit up and the night tobogganing became a popular evening attraction.

The air became fresher: Spielberghaus was connected to the local village sewer system.

Spielberghaus was connected to the internet

Baby on board: Family Höll's first offspring arrived, Valentina. To be continued...

Everything changed: Renovation of the guest dining area.

We changed our website: The new website and newsletter went online.

New bathrooms were built.

The great new terrace with an outdoor lounge arrived. The house-guest lounge was renovated, modern and at the same time rustic.

The new guest house host was born: Jonathan Höll.

Renovation of the restaurant.

The lounge was built.

4 new chalet rooms were built.

E-bikes with full suspension were purchased for bike rental.

Major renovation of all rooms - in chalet style. All rooms now have their own bathroom.

A Sauna with a panoramic view over the Schattberg mountain was built.

A large breakfast buffet was built by local carpenters from old wood - our restaurant's curtains and benches were freshly dressed with beautiful materials and berry colours and making the room spectacularly cosy.

A new PistenBully takes care of the fast transportation of the guest up to the Spielberghaus.

Shower gel from “Stop the water while using me” is finding its way into all Spielberghaus‘s bathrooms. Antidot, the organic bike detergent (100% biodegradable), is available for our guests free of charge.