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Charles Baron de Montesquieu
Charles Baron de Montesquieu
Charles Baron de Montesquieu

"Eating is one of the four purposes of existence. I haven't yet figured out what the other three are. "

Charles Baron de Montesquieu

Enjoy your meal

Anyone who claims love goes through the stomach probably already knows our "Kaiserschmarren" (the emperors dessert)


The love and enjoyment of the local cuisine is also important on your holiday. That is why our kitchen team puts time and passion into the preparation of the dishes and the selection of ingredients. We source our meat from the local butcher and also our other products are from the local area and are fresh and of top quality.

With an order in advance, we will serve you different types of fondue or spare ribs - enjoy it! Our Sommelier has the right wine choises for every dish!

Dining as a House Guest

The culinary delicacies in the mornings and evenings are of course included with half-board. That means the most important meal of the day, the "Spielberghaus breakfast" with all the delicacies your heart desires. In the evening we serve a 3-course menu with a vegetarian option, vegan if you wish, are included in the price.

Summer-highlight: Every Thursday we have a BBQ-evening!