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Don't trust anyone who doesn't like yoga, biking, Kasnocken and little kittens!


Hanging out, chilling out or just “relaxing” in the classic way? Here with us you will find the right non-activity for your rest day. Our panorama sauna is in operation every day for you.

"Inhale the good shit - exhale the bull shit" or something like that, would be the right mind set for a few Asanas on our yoga platforms, which are accessible to you around the clock in the summer! Yoga mats, cork blocks and blankets are ready for you. The mats are very practical to work out on in the forest. "Forest bathing" calms the nerves and the pulse, the forests around the Spielberghaus are ideal for relaxing and taking a few deep breaths.

Hot Pot

Immerse yourself and switch off! If you are still looking for the ultimate relaxation after an adventurous day on the mountain, you are sure to find it in our hot pot! We guarantee you that the mountain panorama will seem even more beautiful when you chill in the warm water! If that's even possible.

Panorama Sauna

Our sauna doesn't ask for much, our sauna simply heats you up! Equipped with a huge panorama window, you sweat with the best view. After your hot event, you can chill out on the adjoining terrace or jump into the hot pot.


Hatha, Vinyasa or Yin yoga, it doesn't matter - our yoga platforms, which are accessible around the clock in the summer, are ideal for one or the other Asana positions. Yoga mats, blankets and cork blocks are ready for you. Enjoy it!

Forest Bathing

In Japan it is considered a medicine, but what is it really and what do they mean by "forest bathing"? You can actively enjoy the peace and quiet in our forest hammocks. Researchers have found that a forest bath gives our immune system a massive boost. If you really want to "dive in", our yoga mats are also ideal for closer contact with the floor.

Stay with me!