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How do you imagine sleeping at the Spielberghaus? Will it be like Heidi on the alm?

Sleeping at the Spielberghaus

How do you imagine sleeping in an alpine guest house? Will it be like Heidi on the alm? Cuddled up in red-and-white checked bed linen in the quiet alpine tranquility. In the summer, with the windows open, with the option of wake-up calls from the cows, with their ringing bells directly from the mountain side meadows in front of the house.

Now I'll tell you the best - that's exactly how it is here with us! But don't worry you don't have to wash yourself like Heidi, grandpa and Peter with cold water in the fountain in front of the house, because each of our rooms has bathrooms with cold AND warm water;) not to mention the other amenities we offer you.  Look forward to our rooms, furnished with old rustic wood, with their very special atmosphere and the super comfortable beds that are very inviting for you to sleep in. Our absolute luxury add-on is certainly the view and the tranquility that welcomes you at the Spielberghaus. It is the perfect starting point for all adventures and your retreat to relax.

Make yourself comfortable and at home!

For 2 persons • from € 88 per person

Our Zenzi is a real Pinzgauerin (local lady from the Pinzgau area), who doesn’t like to be alone.

For 2-4 persons • from € 88 per person

The Sefa is the most charming and that’s why she doesn’t stay on her own very long.

For 2-4 persons • from € 86 per person

The Andal is almost as classy as the Sefa, it has less balcony, but it makes up for it with its cosiness.

For 2 persons • from € 81,00 per person

Gidi comes with a large window, a comfortable double bed is already there.

For 2 persons • from 76,00 per person

Tilli loves harmony, if you travel as a couple, you have to know beforehand who is sleeping upstairs, in the bunk bed!

For 2-5 persons • from € 67,00 per person

As a true nature boy who has something to tell, Ferdl needs an audience. It has five beds.

Summer Freshness at the Spielberghaus
Biking, hiking and enjoying the mountain world.

In love with the snow at the Spielberghaus
Powder skiing, ski touring or making snow angels.