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Toboggan Run

The Natural Tobogganing Run

It doesn’t matter if you are more of a romantic slow toboggan runner, who likes tobogganing with a friend or if you see yourself as of "Hackl Schorsch", Georg Hackl, the german olympic tobogganing racer. Our three-kilometer natural toboggan run will definitely not disappoint you.

The magic begins with the approximately fifteen-minute PistenBully ride up to the Spielberghaus. The PistenBully shuttle takes you through an idyllic winter landscape away from the hustle and bustle of the valley, up to 1,311m. Once at the top, take a seat in our super cosy dining room and enjoy culinary delights and a good glass of wine. Strengthened by food and drink, the descent is amazing.

PistenBully ride with rental toboggan: € 16,-
Rental toboggan: € 11,-

For group requests

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