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The question is not what you look at, but what you see.

The Spielberghaus

Our alpine guest house, the Spielberghaus is not named after the many rounds of card games, that were played here in the olden days. It’s named after "der Spielhahn"  the black grouse, which you can see today up on the alpine meadows and around our home mountain, (that’s right) the Spielberghorn.

This name also comes from "the Spielhahn", meaning playing cockerel in German, then you can definitely say that we have a large playground around our guest house. Here young and old, hikers and bikers, touring walkers and freeriders can meet, have fun and play. I don’t think that the "Rauhfußhuhn" the grouse, would mind that we change his name a little and in that way we create a "Base Camp" for everyone who likes to play outside.

The Hosts and History

Is it in their genes, the water in their own Spielberghaus-well or is it just the growing up in the mountains? What all the Hölls have in common is the love of the mountains.


Prospects and insights. With the Schattberg mountain in view and the Spielberghorn mountain behind us you will find the alpine guest house, the Spielberghaus. Small, fine and cosy, a play ground in the middle of the nature.

Celebrations and Seminars

We look forward to organizing parties and gatherings of (almost) any kind with you.

Camps and Events

Bike camps, avalanche awareness camps, trail running camps or simply camp camps ... because these camps are bringing happiness when shared, we are particularly pleased that we can always bring together large groups of like-minded, bright happy people.