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Our Favourite Tours

Tour 1: Kohlmais tour

Gentle beginner's tour: To ride this 12,8 km route, you have to manage the 617 meter high steady climb.  The circular route begins in Saalbach, leads past the Spielberghaus to the Wirtsalm. The next stops are the Panorama-Alm and the Turner-Alm. From there it goes over the Glemmtalstraße back into the valley to Saalbach. Sweet, soft and lazy...

Tour 2: In the footsteps of the World Games of Mountainbiking Champion

The legendary marathon route was specially designed for the World Games of Mountainbiking in Saalbach-Hinterglemm. It is a must for anyone who sees bike race as a challenge. The trail leads through almost the entire Glemmtal. 80.44 km in length and 3,678 meters in altitude speak an unmistakable language. Make it. Or leave it. We have the detailed tour description ready for you.

Tour 3: "Schreiende Brunnentour"

An absolute must for all sporty and ambitious bikers. At a length of 28.2 km and almost 1,100 meters in altitude, it offers everything that gets your pulse racing. Crunchy climbs and tricky root passages lead to the absolute highlight: the 9 km long downhill trail through the "Schreiende Tal" (the screaming valley) with a unique tunnel passage. It is definately not boring.

Tour 4: The Big 5

The XXL-round tour with a beautiful view of the Pinzgau mountains. The kick: The lift ticket for the Five-Gondola Tour is not expensive and provides plenty of excitement between Saalbach-Hinterglemm and Leogang. It’s mainly downhill tracks - optionally gravel roads or trails. The ambitious freeride trip diverses 5,000 vertical meters in one day. But be careful: If you take too many panoramic breaks, you have to pedal extra hard at the end - nothing for picknickers!

You can find more information about Austria's largest bike region here.