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Training & Courses

If you are looking for a real bike adventure with the option of one or the other riding technique tips, we recommend our two genuine, Bavarian, full-bearded guides Marco and Flo to you. The two certified bike guides and trainers know Saalbach like their own dirty bike pants pockets and will show you the most secret trails, that's for sure!


Prices and requests to Flowinger & Marco
E-Mail: flo@flowinger.de
Tel: +49 152 21933966


Called Flowinger - former pro rider in the World Cup (Fourcross) he also has the Trailmaster in his pocket and he is of course a well certified professionell bike guide.


The Parade-Bavarian shows you the nicest trails in Saalbach and as a certified bike guide, he has a lot of knowledge on how to improve your performance.

You never ride alone, with us on the mountain.