Tradition meets modernity

Naturally a house such as Spielberghaus has a long history and builds on tradition and its roots. But that does not prevent Walter and Sabine Höll from pepping up Spielberghaus and making it something special through special bike offers, the Höllentrail, the Pumptrack, sports and a young, cosy atmosphere!

The history of Spielberghaus in a nutshell:

1946 Yes indeed, Georg Bachler: he built Spielberghaus back then! It was open to the public for the first time in the winter of 46/47.
1970 The Hölls arrive on the scene: and with them comes the success that continues to this day. Knock on wood!
1972 Let there be light, part 1: electric current finally arrives.
1974 Make way: the first sleds head off down into the valley.
1979 All sluggards can breathe easily: a Kässbohrer PistenBully (snow groomer) starts transporting people to Spielberghaus!
1992 Children take over: Walter Höll junior takes over the parental business.
1997 Let there be light, part 2: the sled run gets new lighting, and night sledding becomes a mega event!
1998 Even more fresh air: Spielberghaus is connected to the local sewage system.
1999 Spielberghaus goes Internet...
2001 Baby on board: Family Höll gets their first child, Valentina. To be continued...
2003 Everything remains different, but we renovate the guest lounge.
2009 We make a general web renovation: the new website and suitable newsletter go online and are sent out to the public.
2010 New bathrooms are installed.

The fantastic new terrace with outdoor lounge is created.
The lounge for house guests is renovated. It is modern yet rustic!

2012 The new future hut proprietor is born: Jonathan Höll!
2013 Restaurant renovation
2014 Lounge construction

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