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Spielberghaus Goods


Here you can buy our Spielberghaus clothing, that all have a purpose: Beanie hats, t-shirts, hoodies and more are waiting for you. Would you like to order something from our shop? You will find our order form below.

T-Shirt Women / Men

Colour: Off-white and light blue
Sizes: S to XL
Price: € 29,–


Colour: Dark blue
Sizes: S to XL
Price: € 49,–

Hoodie Jacket Women / Men / Children

Colour: Grey
Sizes Women / Men: S to XL
Sizes Children: 116 cm to 158 cm
Price Women / Men: € 49,–
Price Children: € 35,–


Colour: Red and Black
Sizes: One Size
Price: € 15,–


Colour: Black
Sizes: Space for 1 mulled wine
Price: € 9,90

LINES Magazine

Release date: 3 times a year
Price: € 8,50

airfect Original pillow

Sleeping like at Spielberghaus.
Price: € 119,– instead of € 139,–

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